Studio Trakas | Services
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Studio Trakas provides a full range of residential interior design services for clients in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We design creative and efficient solutions that work with our clients’ lives, budgets, needs and space to create a home that is beautiful and personalized.

Home Remodeling

By changing the layout of your home, we can help you to maximize your space and update your home to mesh with your needs. We offer turnkey solutions through space planning and construction drawings, as well as managing vendors and sourcing furniture & fixtures to create a beautiful new space. Let’s take your fixer-upper and turn it into your dream home!

Residential Interior Design

Whether you’re transforming one particular room in your home or outfitting your new build, we’re able to assist in all aspects of creating a personalized interior. From initial concepts to sourcing all finishes, fixtures and furniture, we’ll handle everything that goes into creating your dream space from start to finish.


This is a great option to revamp your space without retaining full-service interior design or remodeling. We’ll create an individualized design plan, configure all space planning (with dimensions that you provide), and provide you with material and product specifications, as well as a personalized shopping list that fits your budget and style.